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The next Haskell Family Association reunion will be held September 20-22, 2013 in Concord, Massachussetts.
Please, keep in mind that this image is not listed in the records of the College of Arms in London, England, the official registrar of such things.  The Source for this image is Americana Illustrated, Volume 21 No. 3, a publication of the American Historical Society, Third Quarter, 1927. According to said publication, 'his Coat of Arms is recorded by Matthews in his 'American Armoury and Blue Book' for William Haskell, husband of Mary Tybbott and his descendants'. Please do not download without referencing the source and adding this alt-message to the image.
An alleged "Coat of Arms" for William Haskell. Click for a larger image and a story of the design.

A Haskell's Family History
When my daughter, Victoria Elizabeth Haskell, was born I began working on a family history for her. This website is the result of that work, with more information always being added.

I have a Family Tree for Victoria posted on RootsWeb. Click on any of the people listed to view the notes related to them. There is a search feature for all the people within my database if you go to the index link at the bottom of the page, or you can do a global search of RootsWeb's full database.

Writings, excerpts and other interesting ancestor facts.
Church of St Stephen, Charlton-Musgrove, England
Information about the still in use church that William Haskell, my 9x great grandfather worked for.
Nathaniel Haskell
An official 1899 abstract of my 4th great grand uncle's service in the Revolutionary War.
Captain James Budge
Writings about my 4th great grandfather's role in the early history of Bangor, Maine and his eventual fall to that 'demon rum'.
The Haskell Name
One theory of where the Haskell surname came from.
"Chronicles" Index
A pdf file of Wilfred Bow's index for Ira Haskell's "Chronicles of the Haskell Family". Many thanks to Mr. Bow for allowing me to post this online.

Pinkham Family Cemetery
Stone inscriptions from the Pinkham family cemetery in Stueben, Maine.

William Haskell House (1652)
Various articles about the house that my 8th great grandfather William Haskell purchased from Richard Window in the mid 1600's.

The Death of Julia (Glidden) Savage
A cousin's childhood remberance of my 2x Great-grandmother's death.

I have also created some genealogical web pages using Personal Ancestral File 4.0, the descendancy files mostly contain the lines that are direct ancestors.

I have tried to gather my information responsibly, quote my sources reliably and type carefully but mistakes are still possible. If you find any corrections that need to be made, please email them to me.

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