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The Pinkham Family Cemetery
Stueben, Maine

This cemetery is a small, family cemetery located on the left hand side of the Pinkham Bay Bridge Road, where it intersects with Salty Marsh Drive, just after you turn onto it from Dyer's Bay Road. I know of ninenteen individuals buried there, but it is possible that some graves may be unmarked.
  • Dea
    Richard Pinkham
    Died Dec. 19, 1876
    Ae 89yr 10 ds
    His toils are past, his work is done
    And he is fully blest
    He fought the fight, the victory won
    And enters into rest

  • Eliza
    wife of Richard Pinkham
    Died Mar 28, 1873
    Ae 80 yrs & 6 mos
    Mother thou art gone to rest
    And this shall be our prayer
    That when we reach our journey's end
    Thy glory we may share

  • Tristriam Pinkham
    Born Mar. 20, 1821
    Died Feb. 8, 1890

  • Levi Pinkham
    Co. I
    19th Me Inf
    (no dates shown, son of Richard and Eliza, born 1838)

  • E.A. Pinkham
    3rd Battery
    ME MT'D Art.
    (no dates shown, this was prob. Eben, son of Richard and Eliza, born 1839)

  • Olive H
    Wife of Oliver W. Davis
    Died July 13, 1880
    Ae 53yrs 3ms and 15ds
    (She was a Pinkham, daughter of Richard and Eliza)

  • Oliver W. Davis
    Died Dec 7, 1898
    Ae 70 yrs, 8 ms, 13 d

  • Daniel W.
    Co H
    1st ME Cav.
    (no dates shown, son of Richard and Eliza, born 1829, died 1894)

  • Margaret L.
    Capt. Daniel W. Pinkham
    Died Jan. 27, 1922
    Ae. 86 yrs, 4mos 17dys

  • Eliza A
    Dau. of Daniel &
    Margaret Pinkham
    Aug 10, 1866
    Ae 1yr 11mos 11d
    Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest
    Thy Mother mourns whilst thou art blest

  • Lillie M
    (besides name stone was unreadable, she was the daughter of Daniel and Margaret, born 1872, died 1885)

  • Sherman D.
    Son of Daniel W and Margaret Pinkham
    Died Dec. 11, 1891
    Ae 24 yrs, 1 mo and 13 dys

  • (A shared stone for two brothers)
    Arthur L
    Died May 26 1897
    Ae 26 yrs and 5ms
    George A
    Died Dec 9 1895
    Ae 20 yrs 10 ms 27 ds
    Children of Daniel W and Margaret L Pinkham
    (Inscription On Back of Stone)
    Their words were kindness
    Their deed were love
    Their spirit humble
    They rest above

  • Gleason Pinkham
    Born Feb 20 1856
    Died Nov 30 1934

  • Ella R
    Wife of Gleason Pinkham
    Born 1857
    Died 1913

  • George H
    son of Gleason W and Ella R.
    Died May 4, 1887
    Ae 1 yr and 9 mos
    Sleep Little Georgie Sleep, Till Jesus bids thee rise,
    Then may we also be prepared to meet thee in the skies

  • (A shared stone for two siblings)
    Frank H
    Died Feb. 1, 1878
    Ae 3mos
    Eller R
    Died Aug 8, 1880
    Ae 1yr 9mos
    Children of W.H. & L.J.
    Sleep on Sweet babes
    and take thy rest
    God called thee home
    He thought it best

I visited the cemetery in June of 2000 for the first time in almost 20 years, more than half my life. It has fallen into disrepair over the years, but I'm hoping to work on fixing it up when I can. My Great-grandfather, Gleason was the last person buried there, in the 1930's. My grandmother, Carrie, born in 1889, last visited it with my family in the mid 1980's. She was a blood relative of each of those buried there, except for one, the husband of her Aunt Olive. I remember her pointing out stones and telling me what she remembered about each of the people buried there, which included her father and mother, a brother that died in infancy, her grandfather, great-grandparents and aunts and uncles. Even given her advanced years much of the knowledge was secondhand because most of the people were buried there before she was born. If I had been a little older and wiser maybe I would have written down some of what she told me, but unfortunately I didn't and can recall only snippets:
    Her father being a sea captain who was away a lot.
    The sadness in her face when she showed me the stone of the brother she never knew, who died two years before Gram was born.
    Her stories of growing up sick of lobster because in her childhood it was still a " junk fish" with no real market value and so people on the coast used it as a staple food eating it two or three nights a week for supper. By the time I was old enough to eat it, seventy-five years later, she had regained her appetite for them and was the person that taught me how to eat one.
    The trips to visit with her cousins Lucy and Minah, sisters born in the same decade as my grandmother and living their later years together in a house on Dyer Bay Road, not far from where Gram had spent her childhood years. In their yard was an apple tree that had been split by lightning years before I was born, but still both halves of the tree bore fruit.

It is in my grandmother's memory that I display the names of these ancestors, buried in a cemetery forgotten by most people. If you are reading this and find that you are a relative please contact me and perhaps we could work together on restoring this cemetery.

In May 2001, I went back to the cemetery and did quite a bit of cleanup work. I discovered two more stones and was able to clean some stones and transcribe the inscriptions. These new additions are reflected above.

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