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On the Origins of the Haskell Name

This is copy of a posting from the Haskell Family Genealogy Forum. It is presented here with the permission of the original poster. This is only one opinion on the origins of the surname, others have been put forth.

My name is Annessa Main. My grandmother was Vida Lee Hascall from Bridgeport, NE, born March 20, 1926. I have one of her old letters from an Elinor Hascall Northup. This letter is dated 4/23/1974 and she states in it that she was 72 at the time she wrote it. In this same letter, she states that her information was compiled by her great grandfather, William Carey Hascall. In her collection, she reports a printed page telling about William Haskell I. This was taken from the papers of a Burnette Haskell and she copied it word for word:
"William Haskell of Charlton, Musgrove County, Somerset, England appears to have been the second son of Surrey Haskell, son of Godfrey, son of Stephan, son of Roger, sone of Ordegar, son of Ordegar of Rowlstone Castle, Ealy Brook, Herfordshire, England. This Ordegar had been a French Nobleman who sided with the English during the Hundred Year's War and under the final French victory under Joan D'Arc had lost his property and fled for his life to England. His wife Una was of the Bec-Crespin family, which family had counts, crusaders, even a Marechal of France. Ordegar was the son of William, son of Ordegar, son of Count Stephan D'Ascelle, son of Baron Roger, son of Edward, son of Edward, son of Thomas of Themas who was a Baron and Count, son of Roger, son of Richard, son of Stephan, son of William, son of William Fits Osbern. This William was created Earl of Hereford by William the Conqueror after the battles of Hastings when Norman defeated Saxon in the struggle for England. This William was the son of Osbern, Seneschal of Normandy, who was the son of Ordegar who helped Rollo (?) from the King of France. This Ordegar is said to be the grandson of Asketil which is made up of two Norse words, "as" meaning "pertaining to or of the gods" and "Skiold" meaning "sheild". The root of these words goes much further back to Sanskrit, spoken by our remote Aryan ascestors."
The William at the beginning of the paragraph fathered the three sons Roger, William, and Mark with Elinor Foule. After this William's death in 1635, Elinor remarried John Stone and they immigrated to the colonies in probably in 1637. In another portion of the same letter, she states that the Haskells were Norman French 500 years before they migrated to England and spelled their name "D'Ascalle". When Ordegar Haskell was forced to flee to England, they dropped the "D" so they would not be identified as French.

If you're interested in the Haskell surname you may want to consider membership in the Haskell Family Association, a non-profit group dedicated to research of the Haskell surname, membership is relatively inexpensive and they offer a quarterly newsletter.

Keep in mind that I am an amateur at this. I have tried to gather my information responsibly, quote my sources reliably and type carefully but mistakes are still possible. If you find any corrections that need to be made or have additions, please email them to me.
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